• One of the "Hundred Most Influential Political Professionals" in the World

    Joseph Tex Dozier (JTD) was recognized as one of the hundred most influential political professionals by COMPOL magazine at the Napolitan Victory Awards.


    The COMPOL 100 includes "innovative leaders who have achieved successes despite seemingly insurmountable challenges."

    AAPC's 40 Under 40

    The American Association of Political Consultants selected JTD Strategies principal and founder, Joseph Tex Dozier, to its 2018 class of the top 40 under 40 political professionals.

    JTD is the "Winston Wolf of Politics." My company has used him on a number of occasions as a a public affairs fixer and strategist for corporate and non-profit clients.
    —Chris Turner, AAPC Board Member | CEO, Stampede America

    "...a political and public affairs all-star."

    Selected by industry peers for making "significant professional contributions around the world towards achieving noteworthy success in the political and public affairs fields."

    "Joseph Tex Dozier pioneered a new and effective local campaign model, and his firm conducted extensive international advocacy and outreach to cultivate pro-NATO support in Eastern Europe and to expose Russian-backed opposition efforts."

    —Peer Choice Awards

    Joseph Tex Dozier possesses a powerful passion for his work, a notable attention to detail, and a respectful professionalism in his dealings with clients.

    —Jungus Jordan, Former Fort Worth City Council

    Best Automated Phones

    Silver "Pollie" Award

    American Assc of Political Consultants

    JTD organized the most effective election-day operation that I've ever seen from training the team, to directing poll watchers, to coordinating with our attorneys.

    —Ann Browning, Republican National Lawyers Association | veteran of Bush v Gore recount

    Best Public Affairs Campaign

    Silver "Pollie" Award

    American Assc of Political Consultants

    Silver Eagle Campaign Excellence Awards

    Excellence in Logo Design

    Excellence in Automated Phones

    Excellence in Collateral Advertising

    Excellence in Newspaper (Full Page Ad)

    JTD goes above and beyond expectations in his work and has an an unmatched level of energy and political savviness.
    —Tony Listi, The Leadership Institute*

    Politics "30 Under 30"

    In 2015, the Washington Examiner/Red Alert Politics recognized JTD among the top rising, young, right-of-center professionals — selected for their passion, their dedication to conservative principles even in the face of opposition, and for their influence across the country.

    JTD saved our independent alumni association while being outspent 20:1 and with only a few weeks available. Tex's strategy and effective execution equipped us with the necessary tools to win.
    —Tom Nesbitt, DeShazo and Nesbitt LLP*


    Consultants are often all hat and no cattle. They overcharge their clients, they don't personally prioritize projects, and they neglect innovative technology and adaptive tactics. JTD Strategies is different. JTD Strategies works at the intersection of politics, public affairs, and marketing to provide general consulting, targeted deliverables, and creative communication strategies for political and corporate clients. JTD is a comprehensive consulting firm that doesn't simply provide cookie-cutter answers to varying client challenges in an ever changing world.


    Whether it is JTD's experience with election-day operations, its responsive crisis management, its in-house copy and speech writing capabilities, its partnered best-in-industry database, its award-winning automated/IVR phone technology, its largely staffed and experienced partnered live call centers, or its army of peer-to-peer texters, JTD Strategies produces sapient solutions through premium services and "deliverables" by integrating battle-tested strategy and tactics with the highest quality vendors and specialists throughout the nation.


    JTD partners with programmers, psychologists, and politicos to deliver intel and provide strategy, so your campaign, cause, or company can achieve its goals.


    JTD is always accessible, is always forward-thinking, and is always driven when working for you and your cause.

    For information about advisory services around geopolitics, political intelligence, and risk, visit Vor Global Advisory.

    Campaigns and Marketing

    JTD Strategies provides your candidate, organization, or cause with the tools and messaging to win. From general consulting to more specialized services, JTD integrates relevant and innovative tech along with creative strategy to meet particular client needs. Whether you're considering a run for city mayor or an underdog campaign for your country's presidency, JTD has the capabilities and coalitions to see your campaign through from start to victory.

    General Consulting ● Branding ● Direct Mail (design + production) ● Field Campaigns ● P2P Texting ● Campaign Management ● Initiatives/Referendum ● IVR/Automated Phones ● Live Calls ● Telephone Townhalls ● Predictive Analytics ● Media Production & Placement ● Branding ● Website Design ● Graphic Design ● Coalitions ● GOTV ● Debate Prep ● Polling

    Public Affairs and Crisis Communications

    JTD Strategies specializes in working on issue advocacy and grassroots advocacy projects by wielding the latest tactics and technology to spearhead evolved public affairs campaigns. JTD connects your cause, product, or candidate to targeted audiences while proactively managing public perception. JTD advocates on your behalf through consistent and creative messaging, through compelling copy writing, and through direct communication with key coalitions, individuals, and elected officials.

    Grassroots Advocacy ● Integrated Marketing Communications ● Coalitions ● Political Intelligence ● Crisis Communications ● Branding ● Ghost Writing ● Strategic Partnerships ● Grasstops Advocacy

    Election Operations and Observation

    JTD Strategies knows every vote counts. Election Day Operations (EDO) and Observation can make the difference on whether your votes are counted, laws are followed, and proactive steps are taken to ensure election integrity. JTD Strategies has executed successful Election Day Operations across the US and abroad. When conducting independent observation instead of EDO, JTD respects guidelines as outlined in the Declaration of Principles for International Election Observation along with contributing to and coordinating observation missions in accordance to methodological and structural frameworks followed by the Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe. In addition to frontline operations, JTD also advises election administrators and Parties on voting systems and protocols to safeguard the integrity of elections along with identifying vulnerabilities including cyber threats.

    Election Observation ● Poll Watchers ● Recount Operations ● Electioneering ● Voting Systems ● EDO ● Vulnerability Assessment and Auditing ● Blockchain Voting ● White-Hat Hacking ● Cybersecurity Protocols ● International Deployments

  • The JTD Guarantee

    JTD Strategies has a reputation of providing superior services and sapient solutions to clients through a battle-tested and proven production process that leverages the highest quality vendors, professionals, and assets throughout the world. This award-winning operation drives our success based upon The JTD Guarantee:


    JTD believes in free markets, free minds, and free peoples. JTD's causes and clients defend democracy and open elections, conserve constitutional rights, and grow free enterprise. JTD works to empower grassroots and to advance liberty from small towns to international capitals.


    JTD uses funds received from clients, or on behalf of clients, only for those purposes invoiced in writing. JTD prioritizes not "upcharging" deliverables for contracted clients unlike other consultants.


    JTD respects the confidential and privileged information that can be obtained while interacting with clients.

  • By the Numbers

    JTD lets the numbers speak for themselves.


    Successful/winning campaigns, projects, missions, and initiatives.


    Peer-to-peer texts sent during 2018 general election cycle for campaigns and organizations.


    How much a JTD public affairs client was outspent on a campaign and won.


    Activists, students, staff, and elected officials trained.


    Year the American Association of Political Consultants named JTD to its 40 under 40 list.


    Winning local campaigns during JTD's first year.


    Age JTD consulted for first corporate client — Coca-Cola.


    Ballots-by-mail submitted as apart of a statewide field campaign JTD helped direct.


    Fortune 1000 companies advised.


    Major speeches written for corporate and political clients.


    Live calls executed for freedom caucus and pro-liberty campaigns and organizations during the 2018 primary cycle.


    Number countries where JTD has participated in election operations and empowered clients.


    Petition signatures collected during JTD's first campaign.


    Year JTD founded his firm after working a decade in politics and public affairs.

  • Win with JTD

    Whether an international political party, a major corporation, another industry firm, a small business, or a local candidate running for judge or school board, JTD Strategies empowers and equips clients with the same passion, strategy, and tools.
    A sampling of organizations and campaigns that JTD has been honored to help succeed:


    Meet the Founder and Principal of JTD Strategies

    Joseph Tex Dozier

    Recognized as one of the “hundred most influential political professionals in the world” and as one of the top 40 professionals under the age of 40 by the American Association of Political Consultants, Joseph Tex Dozier is the founder and principal of JTD Strategies — a general consulting and MarCom firm that advances liberty, empowers grassroots, and advises winning causes, campaigns, and companies.
    Tex has consulted on local and judicial campaigns in eighteen states, assembled and managed the largest peer-to-peer texting workforce (majority veterans and many disabled veterans), and executed winning national grassroots advocacy campaigns. During the 2016 and 2018 general-election cycles, Tex oversaw Election-Day Operations (EDO) for the National Republican Senatorial Committee.
    An avid activist and advocate for free societies and for free peoples, Tex has provided advisory services, observation missions, and election operations in the US, Asia, Caribbean, and Europe where he has prioritized fostering positive relationships for the US and accession to NATO (e.g., Montenegro, Sweden, Ukraine). Tex's industry peers have also selected him as a political and public affairs all-star for "conducting extensive international advocacy and outreach to cultivate pro-NATO support in Eastern Europe and to expose Russian-backed opposition and disinformation efforts.” Tex is certified and experienced in election observation as a long-term and short-term observer by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. Relatedly, JTD Strategies advises election administrators, campaigns, and Parties on voting systems, cybersecurity, and InfoSec. Owing to its growth and projects abroad, Tex recently launched Vӧr Global Advisory to form an evolved firm for our evolving geopolitical environment that meets clients' tailored needs around political strategy, intelligence, and public affairs.
    Before founding JTD Strategies in 2012, Tex worked with an eclectic range of organizations including the Cato Institute, the Leadership Institute, the Republican National Committee, the Sam Adams Alliance, and Young America’s Foundation. Tex gained his initial experience in politics during high school as a member of Young America’s Foundation, as John Cornyn’s first senate page, and as a field coordinator for Kinky Friedman’s gubernatorial campaign — at age 16, Tex spearheaded grassroots and volunteer efforts in North Texas to get Friedman on the ballot (170,000 voter signatures) leading to the most successful independent campaign for governor since Sam Houston.

    When not solving problems for clients, Tex trains activists, students, and fellow politicos; he continually shares his knowledge and experiences through speeches and workshops to civic and political organizations. Outside of work and at home, Tex is a Wichita Wagonmaster and serves on his city council member's district advisory board, his county commissioner's citizen's advisory board, and on a private philanthropic foundation's board. He often engages in his midlife crises of playing rugby, performing in an underground cover band, and being a professional heavyweight jogger and amateur walker when ultrarunning.
    Tex has a B.A. in political science and a graduate certificate in professional editing from the University of Chicago.
    International Association of Political Consultants
    American Association of Political Consultants
    Wichita Independent Business Association
    Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce
    American Political Science Association
    Wichita Professional Communicators
    Young Professionals of Wichita
    Kansas Chamber of Commerce
    Wichita Wagonmasters
    ΣΦΕ Fraternity
  • Speeches + Interviews

    Interview Joseph Tex Dozier for your podcast, video, or article.
    Have JTD speak to your organization or association.
    Topics include but are not limited to geopolitics, the business of politics, the history and professionalization of political campaigns, election integrity, cybersecurity, fundraising (making the ask), leadership, industry trends and insights, entrepreneurship, election observation, crisis management, marketing, effective advocacy, and tailored presentations for your group and goals.

    I so enjoyed Tex's talk and learned more about the inside world of political campaigns from it than I have from our previous sessions combined. In short, Tex was terrific: insightful, practical, and engaging.
    — Steve Edwards

    Former Executive Director, University of Chicago Institute of Politics


    Joseph Tex Dozier is an excellent speaker. He engages audiences with humor and energy. My classes loved hearing about his experiences as a political consultant in American and international elections and learned a great deal about what it means to be a campaign professional. Tex's considerable knowledge of political science and the business of politics makes for a memorable and enlightening presentation.
    — Grant Ferguson

    Professor, Texas Christian University

    Men's Health: "Meet the Politicians Who Are (Literally) Running for Office"

    Excerpt: “Voters may not care if their candidate has a six-pack but they definitely want to be able to drink one with you.”


    PolitiFact: "Ted Cruz 'SUMMONS ENCLOSED' Envelopes Might Deceive But Mailers Aren't Illegal"

    Joseph Tex Dozier on campaign mailers and social pressure.

    Contact to Book

    JTD lecturing on the business of politics at the University of Chicago Institute of Politics.

    JTD interviewing with Campaigns & Elections at the outset of COVID-19 about the industry, firms adapting (click image above for video).

    JTD speaking on the future of the US Senate at the Fort Worth Club.

    JTD assessing the state of and challenges to election verification at the 51st Summit of the International Association of Political Consultants.

    JTD giving input on direct mail innovations and its future at the National Postal Forum.

    JTD discussing cybersecurity and election hacking with Robby Mook in Reykjavik.


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